Babynat Organic Goat Milk Powder - from 6 month (900g)


Babynat Organic Goat Milk Follow-up Formula is carefully developed from finest certified organic ingredients to cater the nutritional requirements for infants and toddlers from 6 months and above. Approved by Ecocert and Malaysia Ministry of Health, Babynat Organic Goat Milk Follow-up Formula provides all essential nutrients at optimum level according to European and local legislation to support healthy growth, physical and mental development of infant and toddlers.

法国Babynat有机婴儿食品通过严谨的Ecocert欧盟有机认证。本产品奶源来自有机乳羊,不含荳奶成份,含婴儿所需维他命及营养。 营养最近似人奶,给儿童、孕妇、成人之最佳牛奶代替品!


Product Highlight

Grow stronger and taller with less allergenic response!


  • Certified organic ingredients such as organic whole goat's milk (sourced from goats that graze freely in the French Alps) and essential fatty acids (EFA) from first cold pressed organic vegetable oils.
  • Specially formulated to fit nutritional requirement for babies 6 months and above old.
  • Lower lactose content thus reduces the allergy risk.
  • Reduces kidney load to young children because the protein and mineral values are precisely adjusted. 

  • Promotes proper development of brain and nerve function from EFA.
  • Promotes strong immune system development and response, as well as supports rapid growth from natural nucleotides.
  • Helps to support normal weight gain and bone development.
  • Provides a good source of sustainable energy from maltodextrin.

Suggested Serving

Add 8 scoops of milk powder into 240ml of boiled lukewarm water and mix well. 3—5 feedings per day.


Not suitable for children with lactose-intolerance. 

Storage Instructions
Keep the tin tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place. Use contents within 4 weeks once opened.

Country of Origin



Whole goat’s milk (60%)*, corn maltodextrins*, first cold pressed vegetable oils* (rapeseed*, sunflower*), non- hydrogenated palm oil*, soy lecithin*, calcium carbonate, vitamin C, magnesium carbonate, vitamin B9, potassium iodate, zinc gluconate, vitamin E, iron sulfate, vitamin B5, vitamin A, vitamin PP, vitamin K1, vitamin D, biotin, sodium selenate, vitamin B12, B1, B2, manganese sulfate, copper gluconate, vitamin B6.

* ingredients of agricultural origin, organically grown (100%).






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