Light Flow Menstrual Pad 有机棉布薄衛生棉單件装

Pad RM27 dot


Light Flow Menstrual Pad 有机棉布薄衛生棉

  • Wing pads, 17.5cm wide, 21cm long
  • Handmade with 100% organic cotton, certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) .
  • No chemical, no pesticide.
  • Easy to use - Simply wrap wings around pantie gusset and snap securely
  • Comfortable to wear - Our pads are designed to fit body closely and not to scrunch
  • Long lasting - Our pads last 6-8 years with the proper care
  • Easy to wash - Just soak the used pads in cold water with laundry soap and wash them by machine or hand


材質:【藍天畫布】100%有機棉雙層棉緹花布 / 原米色


柔軟舒適的30S 雙層組織緹花布原胚色,吸水力佳,觸感更是好,原胚色的色調是無漂白,無染色的最佳證明! 無有害化學物質殘留。