Wild Rose Body Oil 100ml


pampering skin care

Deserving skin finds indulgent renewal and radiant beauty with this luxurious body oil. It’s a full-body pampering with our most precious extract for rich moisture and a nourished glow.

Your skin is rendered lusciously supple and protected from skin-damaging free radicals and environmental influences by the essential fatty acids antioxidants and vitamins A and E that are highly concentrated in our organic rosehip seed oil. Organic rose flower oil is prized for its harmonizing aroma therapeutic properties that promote your inner balance and relaxation. A base of organic jojoba seed oil ensures this blend is easily absorbed, keeping your skin soft to the touch and giving you a radiant glow. It’s always a pleasure to receive roses, and having their very essence wrapped around your entire being is a beautifying experience that goes beyond skin deep.

Weleda 玫瑰果身體保養油能使皮膚柔軟細緻,迅速滲透,不油膩。自然的玫瑰果獨特的香味猶如身在原野之中。對乾性及老化皮膚效果很好。





RM 110.00