Lavender Relaxing Body Oil 100ml


soothing and calming skin care

Your tired body and spirit find soothing care with our most relaxing oil. It’s a calming blend that restores essential moisture balance to soften your skin and melt away the stresses of your day.

This tension-taming oil is rich with organic lavender oil, known for its balancing and soothing fragrance. Sweet almond and sesame seed oils ensure that the high content of essential fatty acids are extremely well-tolerated and easily absorbed to protect it from drying. Your skin feels smooth and soft, while your mind is calm, relaxed and ready for a restorative sleep. Soft, beautiful skin and sweet dreams awaken a healthier, more beautiful you.

使用方法:Weleda 保養油在沐浴或泡澡後身體微濕時使用效果最佳,亦可當泡澡油使用,在泡澡水中加入一小匙的保養油。


RM 98.00