Organic Children's Collections 有机孩儿系列

⊙藍天畫布⊙100%有機棉 Short Pants 短裤

【簡單の夏】 自然・質樸・饒富趣味  


RM 33.00

Round Neck Long Sleeve T 竹节圆领长袖T

‧ 70 ~ 100cm children's models have an open button on the left shoulder. The metal buttons used do not contain heavy metals such as nickel, lead and chromium, which will not cause baby skin allergies.
‧ The collar design for the female version of the collar.
‧ 30% 100% organic cotton knitted fabrics: The fabric is thin and feels good. It is a fabric with high breathability and physical comfort. Use color: black (only for male and female versions)

RM 59.00


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